Why Was New York Founded?

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Why Was New York Founded?

Peter Minuit bought the land of New York primarily for money reasons. He envisioned it to be a source of trade and industry and have those ports built for commerce. The Duke of York who happened to be the brother of Peter Minuit was honored when this land was named after his territory. Peter Minuit eventually asked the people residing in New York to help him rebuild their place of residence knowing that his plans for this land were marvelous and great.

The Dutch or the Netherlanders as the people of New york were first called made this land as a place of commerce and the center of colonial trade and industry. This land eventually boomed businesswise and this was indeed one great achievement of the people of New York headed or under the great leadership of Peter Minuit who eventually got so very rich due to the business and trade which flourished in the land he bought.

Peter and the New Yorkers were the very people whom the present New York residents should give credit in view of their remarkable achievement in terms of monetary and financial matters. They did very well in bringing forth the marvelous success of their land. Had it not been for their patience, self-sacrifice, brilliant ideas and hard work, for sure they will never reach this heights and even apex of success. They made New York the beacon of light when it comes to business and trade. It is the capital of America. Nowadays, when you say or hear the word New York it is akin to success, excellence, wealth, fine living. If the original dwellers were still alive these days, for sure they will be very happy to see the fruit of their collaborative efforts. They indeed realized and achieved their dreams!

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