Why Was Virginia Founded?

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Why Was Virginia Founded?

The people of Jamestown founded Virginia because they thought it to be very noble to found and establish this land, naming it into Virginia in order to have another place for them to find some treasures and gold. The year was 1607. The people of Virginia during that time were all pre-occupied with looking for the best place where they can find gold as part of their mining challenge. They believe that finding gold will end all of there quest for a good and even a better life.

Since Jamestown was getting crowded, they eventually took the adjacent lands and named it Virginia together with their former town. So from Jamestown, the entire land was now called Virginia. These people aside from mining live their lives out of whatever they planted and harvested from their fields. Crops and tobacco were the primary products which these people of Virginia plant into their respective fields. They earn aside from the food that they get from their fields by trading their products with other people in the market.

Some of these residents of Virginia believe that if they will only work harder in view of their means of livelihood like mining and agriculture, they will surely become a prosperous state of the United States and eventually will not be totally dependent upon the providence and supply of the government. This form and desire for independence from the government is something worth emulating from among these people of Virginia. It goes without saying then that if Virginia was founded due to the need of the people to earn more from their present income, and then the government should definitely commend its deed.

Finally, the people of Virginia were but ordinary, yet the feat they have shown to the world make them all extraordinary and paragons of what a true American people should be, independent, hardworking and innovative!

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