Why do Arabs want Israel?


Map of Israel
Map of Israel

It is observed that Arabs have about 640 times more land than what the Israeli people have. The population of Arab countries is about 60 times more than that of Israel. The Arabs have very abundant oil resources. The territory of Israel is 21,000 sq. km. while that of the Arab’s is 13 million sq. km. But still the Arabs claim the land of Israel, and they always desire to fight with Israel for the land and do not want to maintain any peace and harmony with them.

From the years 1517 until 1917, the countries of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. After the event of World War I, the empire was mandated. France included Syria and Lebanon while Great Britain annexed Jordan and Israel which was called Palestine.  According to the Balfour Declaration that was signed November 2nd, 1917, the Jews were given their own territory which was called their homeland. Jews were allotted land, and they started to renovate their construction and develop their area. This became attractive to the Arabs, and they started to immigrate to the land of the Jews.

In the year 1923, again Great Britain made this land of the Jews into two administrative states and designated a part of the land which is on the west side of the Jordan River for the Jews. The rest was named “Transjordan” which was taken away by Great Britain. After about a 24-year period, Great Britain made Transjordan a separate Palestinian state.

Slowly, the Arabs started attacking the Jews out of nationalistic feelings, and they revolted against the Jews during the period between 1936 and 1939. This internal fighting did not bother Great Britain very much as they were in need of the extensive oil reserves in the Arab territories. The Jews did not stop battling against the Arab Palestinians, and this was brought to the attention of the United Nations. In the year 1947 on the 29th of November, the United Nations voted for the division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab Palestinian states. The Arab Palestinian state is now Jordan. Most of the part of the land offered to the Jews was an extensive desert. But this proposal was not accepted by the Arabs.

In the year 1948 on the 14th of May, the Jews declared Palestine as their independent country of Israel. The neighboring Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Syria declared war against the Jews. The Arab leaders were keen on killing the Jews and occupying the state completely next to them. The Arabs who were living in Jewish Palestine started leaving that place as they thought that they can reenter the state when all the Jews are killed in the war. However, Israel fought with all the Arab nations and managed to defeat them. Jordan became a place which harbors the terrorists to attack Israel every now and then. In the period between 1949 and 1967, Egypt and Jordan were controlled by Arabs. No separate state was formed for the Arab Palestinians. The organization called the PLO was formed to destroy Israel completely which has not been possible to do even now

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  1. Muslim's Infidel

    February 8, 2012 5:34 am

    I think I read about 2 sentences from this article before I realized that it was written by one of these three: 1) A 13 year old Israeli 2) A crazy Orthodox Jew 3) A crazy Evangelical Christian

  2. shadi

    February 25, 2012 3:16 pm

    Its really shame on such a famous site to puplish lies. there was never something called Israel, its only found in 1948 after the occupation by the help of british capturing.

  3. David Rosen

    April 22, 2012 9:01 am

    Ridiculous! As usual, the use of warped, self-serving logic is applied to misdirect the reader from the issue of legality and usurpation (i.e. wrongful seizure or exercise of force!)

    The fact that Arabs might have “640 times more land” than Israel is only because the Israelis couldn’t invade and steal the other 639.99% without initiating WWIII and themselves becoming the genocidal villains, which some argue they already are today!

    I’d like to visit a Jewish home and occupy their living room, telling them that their living room and all the furniture in it now belongs to me because “God” told me to take it from them. When they ask me to leave, I’ll call them selfish and racist because they still have 90% of their house to themselves. “I’m only doing what ‘God’ told me to do!”

    If the Israelis invaded YOUR country, would any reasonable and sane person argue “well, we still have most of our land. I guess losing some of it isn’t all too bad. Maybe we should make peace the invaders?”

    NO! That would be treasonous. Invading and occupying sovereign lands, stealing resources and the systematic killing of the native population is IMMORAL, UNJUST and ILLEGAL!

    This article needs to be REMOVED!!!


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