Why is life so short?

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Many people say that life is so short. Some of these people may have a literal meaning to this while others may interpret it in other ways.  In its literal sense, people presently live longer than people in the past.  Some even reach more than a hundred years of age while people long ago only reached 50 to 60 years of age.

There are a variety of reasons that life seems so short presently.  One main factor is the food people eat.  People are now exposed to more food items that are considered unhealthy or fattening.  Instead of eating basic and nutritious food items like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and limited meat servings, people presently prefer fattening and unhealthy food choices like processed meats, sweet desserts like ice creams and cakes, junk food items like potato chips and burgers among many others.  With these food items, people have become more prone to illnesses and therefore have shortened life spans.  Other experts also attribute some short-life expectancies to more violence in society, transportation-related accidents, poor water and air quality, and poor sanitation among many other social problems.

In another interpretation, life is considered so short because people can only experience so much in their life and then all, of a sudden, somebody dies.  This particular feeling is common for people who lost a loved one, for example. When thinking about the loss, people would then be able to get the idea that life on Earth is actually short, and nobody knows when one will die or pass away. This is also especially true if the one who passed away was still young, and people always associate this with the feeling that life is indeed so short.  The same feeling may also be felt by people who are parents who suddenly realize that their children are all grown up and already living independent lives of their own.  With children living in a different home or going to school in another city, for example, some parents will also feel that the time they have spent with their children was indeed short.

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