Why is net neutrality bad?

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Why is net neutrality bad?

When talking about any form of network like telephone service, cable television network, or internet, network neutrality is very important aspect to be dealt with. If the network we are talking about is the internet, then the term is shortened to net neutrality. The main concept behind the network neutrality remains the same in all the networks. It means that all the network components like servers, internet service providers and transmission lines must be available to all the end users without any distinction in the service. In the genuine internet connection, all the users will have the equal right to send and receive information through internet. Net neutrality will enable them to retain this right.

Net neutrality will make the users to visit the commercial websites with equal intensity. Any big commercial website cannot stop the people to visit its other competitors or rivals. The access of user to yahoo search engine cannot be restricted by the Google site under the law of net neutrality. The email subscribers of one major website cannot stop the people to get the subscription from its rival companies. So, people feel that net neutrality need not be legalized by the government and the private organizations should be allowed to market their product liberally.

But, domination of the market place by just one commercial website might not be ideal for all the customers of online shopping centers or work places. Hence, a government agency can prevent this to happen and can see that neutrality is spread over the network for the benefit of users and websites. Organizations like Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will put a check to the companies who are trying to control the significant points in the internet network. The accessibility rules of the internet were already in use at Japan which aids in protecting the net neutrality concept. As per the principles of FCC in United States, consumers are allowed to use the internet information within legal limits. They were allowed to use the network legally without harming the network, access the internet content of their choice lawfully. Net neutrality is not bad but, it is good for making the users to have proper access to the required websites.

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