Why Was The Internet Created?

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Why Was The Internet Created?

The reality of the internet was born around the late 1960s as a fruit of various scholars, scientists and a lot of researchers commissioned by the US government’s Defense Department, primarily to provide vital information that will help the nation become more progressive. The primary purpose why the internet was created according to historians in view of this technological breakthrough, was basically the desire to share information and knowledge with each and every important person from those group commissioned by the United States’ Defense Department.

For the purpose of being connected with one another, the internet was fully developed. The people behind the discovery of this technology saw the necessity to make it a full blown reality that will benefit not only their own department but even the entire US government. It was at first accepted with much doubt and resignation by people who were not technologically inclined. They thought that this internet will give more complications to their busy lives. As a consequence, the government did not fully operate and owned this reality, but gave it instead to private institutions such as the internet society.

The internet society therefore was given the full charge of developing to its maximum capacity this said internet. The guidelines, standardization and other important considerations were trustfully entrusted to this private non-governmental organization. For quite sometimes, this institution was silent in its research and development of the internet until the late 90s, particularly in 1998 when its popularity exploded like an atomic bomb.

After this said unbelievable explosion, the history of the internet as just an offshoot of the intelligence of those scientists in the US government will never be the same again. Thanks therefore to the marvellous reality of the internet which started from the innovative minds of those US scientists in the Defense Ministry of the US government.

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