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Why Do Indians Smell?

by maureen


Why Do Indians Smell?

Some would say that this is a prejudice and even racial question. The truth is that everyone and anyone can smell bad depending on the food that they eat or their very own lifestyles. Proper hygiene is also a key factor in determining someone’s ‘body smell,. People believe in the myth that Indians smell bad. If someone happens to pass by an Indian that smells bad, they would initially think that the rumors are true.

Does this mean that only Indians smell? No, if their country prohibits their people from taking a baths then that is another matter (which is of course is impossible). Another probable reason is due to the different type of sweat glands people have. Some people on other countries have more active sweat glands due to their climate. Indians says that this question is baseless and the fact that everyone has their own smell should not discriminate other people without smelling themselves.

Food is one example of factors that affect the odor of a human body. Some foods can have different effects (especially on the sweat glands) that can cause a bad smell. The same can be said about bad breath. When people don’t brush their teeth, their breath smells awful. Their lifestyles also affect their scents. Most people that live in poverty don’t care much about what they look or what they smell. Unlike those that live well and are able to eat good food everyday, you will definitely smell and see the difference between different lifestyles.

Indians love to cook curry and other spicy foods. Some cultures don’t appreciate the smell and would initially think that Indians stink because they eat stinky foods. People are natural born critics and what they don’t understand they will always criticize. The same can be said about different religions around the world. Just because it is not what you believe in, doesn’t mean your religion is right. Smell yourself first, before you criticize the smell of others.

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