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Why Is Life So Boring?

by maureen


Why Is Life So Boring?

As the famous line goes ‘š ‘Life is what you make it., Indeed true. Life takes different facets; your life will never be the same as your siblings or your peers. A girl or a boy may take the same developmental growth and developmental stages but no two lives are exactly the same. There may be similarities but not totally the same, as they say your life on earth is unique.

But why do some people consider it as boring? Why does it seem that waking up another morning tires some people right away? Why do others don’t have energy to get through the day? Why are they simply bored?

With the description earlier on what life is, it is never boring. It something exciting and something you can look forward to. Life is unpredictable as change is what’s permanent in life. The different aspects in life like the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological, the changes in it, makes life more interesting to live in. The discovery of new things in these aspects and how a person or persons you know react to these changes makes it even more interesting. Life is ever dynamic.

But boredom sets in, when things become in routine. You do same things everyday and don’t find meaning to what you’re doing. You lose the drive and the goal as to why you intend to do all those things. When one is not motivated, he gets easily tired and ends up getting bored. Boredom also happens when one is burnt out from work or even in relationships.

Life should be a celebration. In celebrating life, you maximize your potentials and you aspire to do best in everything. Get motivated and work on a goal. Reward yourself for things you have achieved. From time to time, never be afraid to try something new. It adds spice to life and keeps you away from boredom. Life is what you make it, and you can choose to make it exciting or boring. You have the choice.

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