Why do evil spirits exist?

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Many people have actually experienced or encountered so-called spirits or ghosts.  Not all people believe that these things exist, but many people are able to see and/or interact with some of these spirits.  When talking about spirits, some people believe they are ghosts while others refer to them as other beings that are not part of this world.  Some of these spirits are also classified as evil because they are able to do bad things to people that see them or to people that are able to interact with them.  People have always questioned why these so-called bad spirits exist.  Presently, people have also accepted the fact that no single person is certain about why evil spirits exist.  There are various explanations and theories regarding their existence, but there is no thought that is considered certain or scientific.

Experts in this field, and part of the religious community, believe that these evil spirits exist because they are created by Satan.  As indicated in the Holy Scriptures, Satan, or Lucifer, also has an army of so-called bad angels or evil spirits that lure people into following him instead of the true God.  With the Bible as the basis, many of these experts believe that indeed these evil spirits exist and that they’re here for the purpose of dethroning God as the ruler of this world.

Some people also believe that many of these evil spirits are actually ghosts of the past that have not moved on to their own dimension or their world.  Many of these ghosts supposedly have unresolved issues, and so they try to stay in the people’s physical world.  The only problem is that these evil spirits, or ghosts, are classified as such because they do bad things to people. Some of them scare people with their mere presence while others are able to enter other people’s physical bodies.  With their unresolved conflicts, these spirits are thought to disrupt those that are still living, and they are permitted to stay until they are able to get answers.

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  1. Chris

    March 13, 2013 3:06 am

    Evil spirits are nothing more than life just like us that is negative. We live in a 3D world where we only see a small – very very small fraction of what is going on around us. Our eyes and ears only detect a sliver of noises and sights around us, which is proved by dogs hearing sounds we cannot, and cats seeing in the dark while we rely on flashlights.

    We must understand that we reside in a specific frequency range, like a radio station, while other beings also reside often in the same space as us, but we cannot detect them because our radio knobs (or our senses) are unable to tune into them.

    Proof of this is taking photo’s on digital camera’s where you can see small orbs of light on occasion that range in many different sizes. They often appear as round or nearly round objects with spirals inside of them, and are considered beautiful. These haven’t been classed as life yet, but are just outside of our sensory range, until a digital camera pics them up translating their image to something we can see with our eyes.

    Youtube has many video’s on the orb phenominum which may help give readers a better idea of what they are.

    People all over the world have spoke of seeing reptilian beings, many consider them aliens, while this may be the case, it is important for all of us to remember life exists on many different dimensions, and we should never fall victim to believing if we can’t see it it doesn’t exist.

    It is said children can see ghosts better than adults, and there is now proof of this. Children have a ‘proven’ wider perception visually than adults which usually lasts until 7 to 10 years of age.


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